There was no church organization in this small town of Creston, though there was a union Sunday School.  There was not even a public hall or school building in which to hold meetings. There was a small room above a saloon and billiard hall on Pine Street that was used for public meetings. A Sunday School teacher learned that the second floor of a new building being erected was to be vacant. The owner of the new building evaded giving her answer for sometime, since the lower floor was to be used for a saloon. Some time after the building was completed, the proprietor, informed her that she could take her Sunday School into his room, tomorrow if she wanted to.

In the fall of 1871 the Methodist Church was organized. Toward the spring of a new church was talked of and on the 6th of October 1872, the first Methodist Church was built on Clark Street between Maple and Pine. The cost was $2,200.

In 1887 a new and larger church was erected on the present church’s location, the corner of Elm and Howard Streets. It was named “The First Methodist Episcopal Church”. It was built of veneer brick “ square building plan”, at a cost of $8,177.

On May 27, 1903, this church was badly damaged by a tornado. It was rebuilt and enlarged to accommodate a growing membership

On March 18, 1932, a devastating fire destroyed the church. Flames destroyed the First Methodist Episcopal Church of Creston. It was depression years and the money was hard to obtain. The church met in the Union County Courthouse and at the Junior College while the building committee made plans to begin construction of a new church.

By late Fall of 1961, construction was begun on the property west of the Church for an educational building.


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